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Introducing the Nonprofit Marketing Guide

Trying to run a nonprofit organization — typically underfunded, understaffed and overworked — can be flat out overwhelming. This is especially true for those who, as "citizen leaders," lack the knowledge and skills to do much of what needs doing to be truly successful. One of the things that needs doing most — and one of things many leaders don't know a lot about — is marketing your organization and its programs and services to the people you want to have supporting it. If that's the case with you and your organization, take heart! Kivi Leroux Miller is here to help.

As the founder of both EcoScribe Communications and Nonprofit Marketing, Kivi has an exceptional record of helping nonprofits find their communication and marketing groove. And in her new book, The Nonprofit Marketing Guide: High-Impact, Low-Cost Ways to Build Support for your Good Cause, she shares what she knows in a "part real-world survival guide and part nitty-gritty how-to handbook."

Filled with quick tips, checklists, tools and resources, and supplemented with a companion website, the book is about as user-friendly as user-friendly gets. Starting with a basic definition of marketing (more than just communications, marketing encompasses the creation and delivery of your nonprofit programs and services), the book moves through sections devoted to broad scale marketing planning; writing a quick-and-dirty marketing plan; building a community of supporters for your nonprofit; and finally, "Doing It Yourself Without Doing Yourself In."

Throughout, Kivi underscores her conviction that success lies in your ability to build a community that supports your quest to make the world a better place. Most usefully, the book emphasizes online strategies — with great tips for using social media — not because "they are new or hot, but because they are often the most affordable and fastest way for you to communicate with others."

Published by Jossey-Bass, The Nonprofit Marketing Guide  is available through It costs $30.00. 

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